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OCTOBER 15, 2021

Pictured above: One of the team members working on a panel. The shuffling boots cause the dust to get kicked up from the road, causing a beautiful bokeh as the sun sets on the horizon. 

It's not every day you're invited to film the largest renewable energy project east of the Rockies. This solar farm sits on over 6000 acres of land in the countryside outside of Fredericksburg. I needed a full day of planning on-site as I marked locations for potential shots. I used over 2 hours of drone flight and 3 camera batteries by the end of the day. Unique colorways and angles for the panels fueled my creative workflow.

At 6 am, I set up my tripod for a sunrise timelapse as I made my way through the clovers, boots wet with morning dew. Trucks flooded past me as construction workers made their way around the facility. Each hour was precious to me as we drove through the facility to the next photo location. Every opportunity was used throughout the day to get photos and videos at the site's most unique areas. Our total time on-site was 13 hours. My absolute favorite was the soft lighting that dawn and dusk provided, pictured below. 



JUNE 30, 2021

Juganu puts an excellent idea into practice - using existing city infrastructure & enhancing it with the latest technology to create a smart lighting solution. The Israeli-based technology company has offices in the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico. Their Smart Street light platform is a lighting solution that is installed on existing streetlight poles where each light integrates wireless communications, a sensor hub, full HD visual sensors, audio sensors, and compute capabilities at the edge. Their technology can be deployed in both outdoor environments ranging from small areas to city-wide regions, and indoor environments (e.g., smart buildings, retail, horticulture, etc.), and can address a wide variety of smart-city IoT use cases like automatic meter reading, traffic light management, waste management, etc. 

This is where I come in. Let's just say this was my most ambitious creative project yet, and the result was incredible. I carefully planned over a week-long period with the marketing director to film the installation on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, VA. The streetscape was empty at 6 am, and as the sun poured into the area I got to work photographing my first timelapse, which turned out to be over 4 hours long and included some 3,000 photos. One of the team members handed me a hot coffee from a local cafe down the street, and the trucks got to work. I spent a majority of the day filming the installation, watching the outside dining tables fill up with people as restaurants got busy. By twilight, the lights were fully installed and I was able to see them in full effect. Stay tuned for my next project with them in Philadelphia!



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MAY 31, 2021

Welcome to my first blog post! Every month I'll share new content and a unique perspective of my travels to beautiful homes around the states. Check back regularly to see where I've been! 

My travels typically take me around all areas of Northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Although there are some beautiful properties in central DC (like this one steps away from the National Cathedral), my forte is when I have the opportunity to journey out to the serene locations like Great Cacapon, West Virginia. My love for nature as an outdoorsman and avid hiker has led me to incorporate foliage into my shots. Framing houses in this way allows me to draw attention to the architecture of the house. 

Above are five different cabin style homes I had the pleasure to shoot, from Great Cacapon to Luray. These were a mix of family homes to Airbnb's. I strive for clear skies during my shoot, but these locations truly come alive at twilight (as you can see in the cover photo). The light is much softer, and the shadows are more accentuated. As the sun sits just above the treeline, it dips below the ceiling and pours into the living space, offering a unique glow. If the timing is not perfect, I couldn't rely on natural lighting anymore. These are my favorite locations and conditions to shoot in. 

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