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For years I have been striving to perfect my cinematography throughout the country and in my beautiful town of Winchester, Virginia. We keep costs to a minimum for our clients while also enabling us to offer a quick turnaround on projects. Whether it's Real Estate, events, marketing, videography, surveying, or inspection, I've got you covered. I'm a licensed UAS pilot under the FAA's Part 107 certification, have an NCDOT commercial operator permit, and a CARSS certification for roof surveying.


As an avid outdoorsman and photographer, my style with architectural photos has evolved to frame photos with the floral, natural accents that compliment them. In this image,  I combined the naturalistic elements of the foreground to enhance the solar panels.

AdobeStock_370485815 [Converted].png
Photo Sep 20, 12 48 39 PM.jpg


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