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The Benefits of Aerial or Drone Photography services for Real Estate Agents

Aerial Photography Services for Real Estate Agents: What are the benefits? The FAA recently outlined the rules for using drones and issued more than 500 permits for commercial use, most of which went to Real Estate businesses with aerial videos and photos used to showcase residential listings. Over 30% of the permits were issued for commercial use.

You might wonder as a Realtor whether using drones in your Real Estate business is practical or necessary to stay competitive. Whatever your decision, drones and Aerial Photography Services are shaping up to be the next generation of cutting edge Real Estate marketing tools that are surprisingly affordable.

Consider these things if you're considering aerial photography services for your real estate listings.

Imagine the potential for an unmanned aircraft system to capture footage of the perfect property, such as a property with ample land or a property that has stunning views? It is possible to capture elevated shots previously inaccessible, or images from above to examine the property layout and property boundary. Professional Aerial Photography Services enhance the ability of a Real Estate professional to highlight the unique features of a property and its surroundings.

Applications of Drone Photography

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) estimates that the integration of drones into the national airspace will generate over $13.6 billion and create more than 70,000 new jobs in the first three years.

According to AUVSI, tax revenues to states will exceed $482 million in the first 11 years of integration, and those states with aerospace industries will benefit the most from drones.

Aerial photography services will become more common as Real Estate Agents ask the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) to issue more permits and clarify guidelines for commercial use. It is inevitable that drones will spark some controversy, but their use will still dramatically increase with time.

You should always hire a professional Aerial Photography Service Company if you are considering using Aerial Photography Services for your Commercial or Residential Real Estate listings.

Showcase a property’s location better

Real estate professionals can show homebuyers the entire property through aerial photography. Licensed professional drone pilots can get high-quality shots of the property's unique features and even nearby landmarks. Additionally, aerial photographs can reveal other details and features of the property that ground photographs cannot.

Sell the property quickly and add value

With a drone or aerial real estate photography, buyers can get useful visual information about the property and surrounding areas in less time. In addition, presenting your property in a well-informed and unique manner will benefit you during the price negotiation process. After all, it is a well-known fact that properties with better photos and more information sell faster and for more money.

Helps you win more listings and stay above the competition

Aerial photos will make your portfolio stand out among your real estate peers. According to RISMedia, agents who use aerial photography or drones win more listings by 73%. Furthermore, Sold by Air reported that 83 percent of home sellers prefer agents who use aerial photography to market their properties.


The internet has become essential in our everyday lives; most potential homebuyers research properties online. Using aerial photos of your property will give them a more accurate and detailed impression of what it is really like. A detailed and accurate image of a property is what most buyers are looking for. Pictures taken from an elevated vantage point will provide a detailed and accurate view of the roof, as well as features that an image cannot demonstrate.

Adds more engagement on social media and generates more website traffic

Aerial photography and video can be used to capture professional and compelling images and videos of the property. In addition to simply getting stunning pictures, Aerial photography and video can also generate a sense of awe and interest from potential buyers. If you post aerial photos alongside ground-based images on your social media pages and website, you will attract traffic. Aerial photos are more attractive than low-quality images.

Helps you promote your brand

By using the latest technology trends like aerial photography, you are showing your viewers and potential buyers that; you as a brand take advantage of every opportunity to stand out and stay ahead of the competitors.

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