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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer to Photograph Your Construction Site

I am a professional photographer that works with several companies in the Shenandoah Valley. I get hired to curate construction photos, drone footage, and videos of sites that are being built. Photographing a construction site presents a challenge that I enjoy. I use these images to market the services of the commercial building contractor and to communicate the progress of the project with the team. Many times, I have no control over the time or location of the photoshoot. It depends on when a particular event occurs. Construction photography schedules can be erratic. It can be a hurry-up-and-wait situation. Professional construction photographers are hired to capture particular events, such as a foundation or wall lift, or a bridge being built. I am also asked to capture the team at work as well as the project. Professional construction photography requires you to be patient and flexible.

The key to capturing good construction pictures is preparation. I have to know about the projects and what I will be photographing. Understanding the situation is essential. We meet with the team involved prior to the photo shoot to discuss the location, the event, and to review the list of images and drone footage that will be needed. With this information, I can select the right camera, lens, and drone. For aerial shots using drones, permits may need to be obtained prior to the photoshoot. If the location is within towered airport airspace, I must request a permit from the FAA. Being prepared also allows me to anticipate shoots. In a construction site, things happen fast and you cannot repeat them. Knowing what will happen next allows me to find the perfect location and angle for the photograph that will meet the needs of my client.

Over the years, I have developed an understanding of what it takes to take images that tell the story of the project a company is working on. I have been hired to photograph construction sites several times. In this way, the company can collect images that document the progress of the project.

The other month, I was asked to capture the largest solar facility east of the Rockies. It was an enormous project! Over 5000 acres of solar panels and team members working needed to be documented using multiple cameras and drones. With many moving parts, I needed to work with members at the facility from 6 AM to 6 PM to capture sunrise timelapses, drone footage, drone photos, video footage, and artistic photography. Beforehand, I had to take a full day driving around the site and using the companies software to map out locations that would be ideal for shooting - Including the time of day that would be most desirable for those shots. A zoom meeting was also required where I filled my whiteboard with notes and ideas to share with the directors. The end result was over 150 curated photos and videos that the team can use to market the company for years to come.

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